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FALL IS UPON US! 10 Tips to Preparing Your Car For The Fall:

Active Euroworks in Pflugerville, Texas, is a leading European Auto Repair and Service shop with over 30 years of experience. As one of your preferred dealership alternatives, we pride ourselves on quality service such as our Pflugerville European Auto Repair service, and are calling all Mercedes Benz owners in the North Austin area, new or established, to round up your luxury vehicles this fall and bring them to us for any work you may need done!

As a compliment to your selective style and observable panache, here are a few tips and Pflugerville Texas Luxury Car Maintenance services Active Euroworks offers to help you prepare your Mercedes Benz for the season!

1. Check your tires! Many of us already know car tires are known to deflate in cooler temperatures making driving conditions hazardous, but a 15-minute drive to get a routine tire rotation or replacement with us this fall could certainly mitigate the problem.

2. Check your brakes! We offer Brakes and Anti-Lock Brake Services (ABS) just for you!

3. It’s also good to check your oil and other fluids. Oil and Fluid Leak Diagnostics and recommendations to best suit your cars’ needs according to your unique driving style and our areas’ weather conditions are available.

4. Cleaning film off your headlights can be a hassle but not with our Headlight Restoration service.

5. Let’s talk interior! While keeping yourself warm inside your car during colder seasons is ideal, it is also essential to make sure you can properly defrost your windows. Our Pflugerville Texas Luxury Car Maintenance experts are keen on A/C Repair and Maintenance.

6. Fall is also a good time to have your windshield wipers checked. In hotter weather, we usually don’t use them often enough to realize their blades may be dried out. Checking them is highly recommended.

7. We have services to restore your cars’ interior like new should you decide the look of your leather seats or carpet just won’t do.

8. If your engine light is on, it could have you thinking the worst-case scenario, but we will always give you a thorough diagnostic and rundown of every option possible to resolve any problem we find.

9. We are never looking for an opportunity to encounter an accident but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pre-check your airbags in case of one. We offer SRS Airbag services as one of our Pflugerville European Auto Repair services.

10. And lastly, although there are more tips and services to unveil, our Multi-Point Inspection service acts as a preventative exam for an overall snapshot of your vehicles condition.

Calling all Pflugerville and Round Rock residents and those passing through, bring your car down now to Active Euroworks in Central Texas! We stand ready to help you with the same Mercedes Benz quality care and class at appreciably lower prices. Active Euroworks is undeniably your leading Dealership Alternative!

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