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Audi’s history and roots go back to 1899 in Cologne, Germany. Founded by August Horch, Audi is one of the top German luxury brands. The four ring emblem represents the joining of four different automobile manufacturers, Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer which took place in 1932. According to a write up published on May 24, 2019 by The Drive, Audi repair costs average out to be $1,011 per year versus the average of $631 per year. This is to be expected as automobiles in the luxury segment will have typically higher repair and maintenance costs. It makes sense, as an Audi owner, to want to cut every possible dollar and cent off of the cost to own one.

Not routinely having maintenance performed on your Audi can cost you even more. As with vehicles, ignoring a small problem eventually turns into a major repair that can cost thousands of dollars. Texas is a hotter part of the world than Germany where Audi’s are engineered and built. This shortens the life cycles of certain things, particularly the engine oil. Audi’s are excellent everyday drivers. As such, you want to only use synthetic motor oil and change your engine oil every 5,000 miles instead of 7,500 miles. In fact, when it comes to vehicles as complex as Audi’s, attempting to do it yourself can turn into an extremely costly attempt at getting the job done. Leave your Audi repair in Cedar Park up to the professionals at Mario Motorsports. Customers receive the same 5-star treatment that they receive at any dealership. They even get free wi-fi.

As a major player in the luxury segment, the Audi’s maintenance should not be looked at as something that can be done at home on the weekend. Audi’s are high performance, finely tuned pieces of machinery that need to have maintenance performed by professionals. Over the last 18 years, Mario Motorsports has gone above and beyond when it comes to Audi repair in Cedar Park and getting vehicles back to 100%. They offer an immaculate dealership style repair facility minus the dealership repair facility price. The owner, Mario Garcia, is passionate about vehicles and ensuring that when they hit the road, there are no issues for the driver. He has received education and certifications from BMW and Mini-Cooper as well as Ferrari and Maserati. If you are in the market for a fair, trustworthy and competitively priced repair shop, it is worth every moment of your time to try Mario Motorsports.

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