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Checking brakes is a part of routine maintenance and most of the drivers notice when their car brakes are making a squeaky noise or if the car is taking longer to stop but they ignore completely about the brake fluids. The brake fluid needs to be changed at regular intervals and in this article, we will discuss when it is the right time to change your brake fluid.

If your car brakes are not performing well and you think the brake fluid needs replacement, give a call at Mario Motorsports or simply visit the European Auto Repair & Service in Cedar Park to have your vehicle inspected.


Why is the Brake Fluid Necessary?

Every modern vehicle is equipped with hydraulic brakes and these hydraulic braking systems require adequate lubrication which is the brake fluid to work effectively. The brake fluid allows proper functioning of the braking system and if the fluid level is low or contaminated, you might have problems stopping the vehicle.


How to Check Brake Fluid Level?

The brake fluid liquid reservoir can be found usually at the back of the engine compartment inside your car’s hood. It is a translucent plastic box that shows the liquid level without the need to remove the cap.

Exposing the brake fluid reservoir to air can attract moisture which is why it is recommended that you allow a trained professional to inspect it. The experts at Mario Motorsports know how to handle any type of luxury car or SUV. You can also visit the European Auto Repair & Service in Cedar Park and get more tips and information about brake fluid levels.


How Often Should I Change the Brake Fluid?

Automakers recommend changing the brake fluid every 30,000 miles or 2 years but this largely depends on the type of car and driving condition. A good tip regarding brake fluid is to have it checked whenever you are taking your car for an oil change.


Final Words

Keeping your car brakes in healthy condition is necessary to ensure the safety of your vehicle as well as the passengers. Ignoring to change your brake fluid can sometimes lead to a major repair or even an accident which is why it should be inspected at regular intervals. For regular maintenance do visit the European Auto Repair & Service in Cedar Park and let the professionals at Mario Motorsports take care of your vehicle.


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