Cedar Park BMW Repair Service

Americans often look into purchasing foreign cars for many different reasons, but find themselves paying more for services than American made vehicles. This can happen because their foreign car, such as a BMW, is built differently, parts are more difficult to purchase, or the mechanics aren’t as experienced in working on foreign vehicles. At Mario Motorsports, our Cedar Park BMW repair service experts are 100% reliable and have extensive knowledge to help maintain and operate on foreign vehicles. That’s just 12 miles from Cedar Park, so if you own a BMW in a ten to fifteen-mile radius of this Pflugerville mechanic, you’re in luck.


Why Mario Motorsports

Mario Motorsports can perform a number of upkeep tasks for BMW’s such as:

  1. oil changes
  2. tire rotation

All while assessing the safety and condition of the vehicle.

In addition to basic maintenance, they can address engine issues, inspecting the engine and transmission:

  1. repair leaks
  2. wheels
  3. brakes
  4. tires, and more.

It is important to keep up with regular services on your BMW, because without them, the engine could break down, or run in a poor fashion, which can damage other parts of your vehicle, turning a small problem into a bigger one.

BMW owners may wait longer to service their vehicle because of the price, and fear of an inexperienced mechanic working on their vehicle. Mario Motorsports recognizes this fear and works to make sure the customer is satisfied costly and safety-wise. It is important to see a professional mechanic, and in your BMW’s case, Mario Motorsports is the pick. If you take your BMW to an inexperienced mechanic, you could potentially be overcharged and unsafe leaving the lot. Mechanic shops that are not familiar with European cars such as your BMW can take a lot longer to perform maintenance as well, and as a result, you have to leave your car for a day or more.

BMW owners often put their trust in the hands of the dealership they purchased their vehicle from, but  Mario Motorsports gives the same knowledgeable feedback and labor as a dealership and for less cost. At this auto services company, a BMW driver gets the same experience as they would a dealership, and pull off the lot with their vehicle back to 100%. 

With the knowledge of Mario Motorsports staff, a BMW driver can trust their mechanics with any issue they may have with their vehicle. The list of services they provide goes on and on, and their website is equipped to help you explore what might be wrong with your vehicle. Here, you can look into prices of services, their photo gallery, browse reviews, and learn more about Mario Motorsports. There’s even a page dedicated to help you with your BMW. Our Cedar Park BMW repair service is your pick! 


Mario Motorsports vs. dealerships

The difference between Mario Motorsports and your BMW dealership is the personal relationship Mario Motorsports has with its customers. The way they advertise is through word-of-mouth and friend-to-friend references. Instead of spending their profits on a big dealership that draws in tons of people, they gain every customer through trust and integrity.

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