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Our Austin BMW Repair team’s combined mechanical experience and use of the latest diagnostic tools and machines enable us to find and solve problems quickly so that you can get back on the road as soon as possible. Along with BMW Repair in North Austin, we also perform standard maintenance on your BMW too, including oil changes, brake changes, and factory-recommended inspections. 

Austin BMW Brake System and ABS Repairs

You’ve probably had at least one driving experience where you needed to stop quickly and your BMW’s brakes came to your aid. Brakes are one of the most important parts of your car, as they can be a serious safety hazard if they are not working correctly. Many BMWs have something called an ABS system, which can also break. As the area’s trusted BMW mechanic in Austin, you can rest assured that we will do a detailed inspection of your brakes whenever you come in for major service milestones or when you have the tires rotated (which is usually done at least twice a year). You can also watch for signs that the brakes are starting to fail. Hearing a screeching, scraping, or grinding noise when you step on the brake pedal is an indication that the system needs to be checked. If the brake pedal pulses or vibrates when you step on it, or if the ABS light illuminates, give us a call so that we can fix the problem before it becomes worse. Read how getting a regular Brake Check In Austin is the best option.

Scheduled Oil Changes in North Austin for your BMW

Another one of the most common services that we provide is an oil change. Oil changes are one of the simplest and most effective maintenance services that you can get to prolong your car’s lifespan and ward off potentially damaging engine problems. The oil in your car should be changed approximately every 3,000 to 5,000 miles if it is a full synthetic oil or a synthetic blend. When you bring your car in, we can make sure that the oil level is normal and that there is no debris in the oil or discoloration, which can be a sign of a leak. Considering it only takes about 30 minutes to do an oil change, it’s well worth your time to be diligent about getting the oil changed as scheduled. If you’re not yet convinced about how changing the car’s engine oil helps, read how getting an Oil Change in Austin can keep your motor running smooth.

BMW Pumps, Thermostats, and Water Hoses

Sometimes, you might encounter problems with the pumps, thermostats, and water hoses in your BMW. One of the most common pumps to break is the fuel pump. If the fuel pump doesn’t work, your car won’t move, as gasoline won’t move from the tank throughout the rest of the car. Signs of a bad fuel pump include engine stuttering, rising engine temperatures, and a fuel pressure gauge showing that little oil is reaching the engine. Learn about other signs of a fuel system problem from Pep Boys. Thermostats can also break or get stuck, which gives you an inaccurate reading of the engine temperature. Water hoses that break can cause a loss of power, reduce steering ability, and cause engine problems. Any one of these serious problems warrants our immediate attention!

North Austin “Check Engine” Diagnostics for your BMW

Austin BMW Engine RepairSimilarly, the “Check Engine” light that comes on in your dashboard can be caused by many different things. It may be that you have a minor issue, like a gas cap that wasn’t replaced correctly, or there might be a more serious problem like an electrical system problem or a timing belt that’s going bad. You can easily check to see if the gas cap is the issue, but more advanced engine problem diagnostics are best left to the hands of an expert BMW mechanic in Austin. Learn more about warning signs of engine problems here.

Factory-Recommended Annual Service

Like any car brand, your BMW comes with its own recommended service schedule. The optimal maintenance schedule is determined by the manufacturer for each specific model and production year, so it’s important to follow your owner’s manual to make sure that you keep up with factory-recommended service. Most inspections will take place around 15,000 miles. You’ll then go in about every 15,000 miles after that. At each service point, our mechanics will rotate the tires, check the alignment, look at the brakes, change vital fluids, and perform any other service that’s needed at the time.

Dent Removal and Trim Repair

Between parking in a lot to driving daily, your car takes a beating. You can easily hit something on the side of the road that causes damage to your wheels, or a person who parks next to you can open their door into your car. Accidents happen, but we are here to restore your car to pristine condition when they do. We will remove dents from your wheels and repair the trim of your car’s interior to make it look like-new again after you have a mishap in the driveway or on the highway.

Bring your beautiful motor to us at Mario Motorsports

Whether your car needs an upcoming routine service, you have a more complex problem that needs an expert’s diagnosis, or you want to remove unsightly dings and dents, contact us at Mario Motorsports for your BMW care needs. As a leading BMW mechanic in Austin and recognized dealership alternative, we go to great lengths to make sure our customers are satisfied with our work and leave our shop happy. We are proud to offer you premier Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts, which are the highest quality parts you can get in the auto industry. Best of all, we offer these parts – as well as our dealership-level service – at a fraction of the price that you’ll pay elsewhere. With all that you ask of your BMW, it also deserves quality care from you. Don’t live with car problems – call us or contact us online for a premiere BMW service today.

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