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Mercedes is actively testing a new generation of its A-Class hatchback on public roads. The car is set to debut in the coming spring at the Geneva Motor Show 2018. Mercedes-Benz A-Class 2018 will be the most luxurious and technically advanced model of the brand’s entry-level cars. The five-door vehicle will be larger – the length will increase by 10 mm. The longer wheelbase will allow for a bigger passenger compartment and thus be more comfortable for passengers. The volume of the trunk will also increase in size – now it is 341 liters.

The body of the Mercedes A-Class 2018 will be more solid. The vehicle will be built on the redeveloped MFA (modular front architecture) platform, using MacPherson-strut front and multi-link rear suspension.

The updated interior of the Mercedes A-Class 2018 will come with more quality finishing materials, a completely new instrument panel with digital sensors, and a steering wheel with touch keys. Old chairs will be replaced with new sports seats.

The engine range of Mercedes A-Class 2018 will include new four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines, which will become more economical and environmentally friendly. The 1.2 and 1.4-liter M282 engines, as well as 1.6 / 2.0-liter M260 engines will be available. The latter will work together with an innovative 48-volt electrical system. Diesel versions for the new model will be built on the basis of the current 2.0-liter OM654 engine.

Car enthusiasts will be able to also buy a hybrid A-Class 2018, which is expected to go up to 50km on electric power only. The 1.4-liter version of the M282 engine will be the basis of its power.

Finally, the Mercedes Class 2018 will be equipped with a partial autopilot. Among other things, the system will be able to drive and slow down / stop at certain speeds.

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