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Audi has starting its own teaser campaign, the final phase of which was to be the presentation of the new Audi A6 in Geneva, however, a set of alleged leaked images allows us to see its evolved styling for the first time: several unofficial photos of the new A6 appeared on the web, which are very similar to the real ones.

Although we can not be 100% sure that these images published on the French Worldscoop forum by Romano_A7 are legit, there is a strong possibility that this is indeed the case, as the brown car has the exact same license plate and color as the A6 shown in a teaser video last week. In addition, the front fascia design largely matches the sketch published by Audi back in March 2017.

It is known that the new Audi A6 will inherit many design elements already shown on the latest A8 and A7. Just like the A7 Sportback and A8, Level 3 autonomous driving will be offered. In the oily bits department, 48-volt mild hybridization is king. From 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engines to more potent options such as the 286-horsepower A6 50 TDI, there’ll be something in there for everyone interested in the mid-size sedan. The S6, meanwhile, will borrow the 2.9-liter twin-turbo V6 from the RS4 Avant and RS5, while the RS6 will pack 4.0 liters of twin-turbo V8 goodness.

Although there have not been any official or unofficial photos of the interior yet, it is expected that the new Audi A6 will inherit many solutions from the older A8, including a new digital instrument panel.

The public debut of the Audi A6 sedan is scheduled for March 6, but it is possible that after such a “leak” Audi will accelerate the declassification of its new vehicles and conduct an online presentation in the coming days.

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