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Taking care of the car does not only mean regularly taking it for a car wash or making sure its exterior and interior are well but it involves maintaining the inside machinery as well. Especially if you own an Audi which requires special care to ensure an excellent drive.


In this article, we will discuss 5 simple but major Audi maintenance tips which will guarantee that your car offers a smooth performance over a long period of time. Mario Motorsports is one of the best European and Exotic Service and Performance specialist knows how to take care of luxury cars such as Audi. If you find it difficult to do the maintenance yourself, visit the Cedar Park Audi Repair and Maintenance and have your vehicle checked by a professional.


Checking the Engine Oil


Checking the engine oil regularly is one of the most important tips to ensure that your Audi’s engine is in perfect health. Checking and changing the engine oil regularly not only ensures optimal engine health but also improves the car’s mileage.


Checking the Tires


As a rule of thumb, you should check your Audi’s tire pressure every two months. If you are driving one of the new models, you will receive a notification on your car’s onboard monitor as well to have your tire pressure checked. If you would like to get your Audi tires inspected by professionals at Mario Motorsports, visit the Cedar Park Audi Repair and Maintenance and let the trained professionals perform their tests.


Replacing Air Filter


To ensure long-term care about your Audi, it is recommended that you change and replace the air filter as well as the cabin filters every 20,000 miles. Not changing these filters for the long term causes debris and dust buildup which causes malfunctions in some systems.


Checking the Spark Plugs


Replacing spark plugs regularly is essential for your Audi to prevent engine misfiring. The spark plug replacement schedule is different according to the engine type but your vehicle manual may have more information about the ideal time when you should get it changed.


Exterior Car


Besides taking care of the engine and other internal systems, it is also important that you take your Audi for regular cleaning and servicing in order to keep it visually appealing. Applying car polish and wax will also improve the car’s paint quality and protect it from harsh environmental conditions.




All the points mentioned in this article are easy to perform at home and do not require any special expertise. However, if you would like to go a step ahead and have a professional check your Audi and provide you more maintenance tips then book an appointment with Mario Motorsports today or visit the Cedar Park Audi Repair and Maintenance center to allow the experts to check your vehicle.

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