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Our North Austin team at Active Euroworks have gathered the latest info on the new BMW. After all the wait, we have yet to hear anything new from BMW since March. This is what’s out there, all contained within this page.

The latest news from BMW is a plug-in-hybrid variant of the BMW X3, their compact SUV. The hybrid is called the X3 XDrive 30e, and it is estimated to go 31 miles per charge in Europe; however, this number will be different when United States standards are applied to the car.

This is an over-all step towards electric vehicles, just read about the new BMW 1-Series with new FAAR platform.

The new hybrid has 293 horsepower, and BMW says it goes from 0 to 62 in 6.5 seconds.

That’s not bad for a Compact SUV. Imagine going through the North Austin Roads in this all-wheel-drive SUV! Cosmetically speaking, there are no differences between the new plug-in hybrid and the standard X3.

BMW fans, like many other daily drivers, may not be excited about the hybrid.  While it’s a major step towards the future, the general public still isn’t quite behind the idea of electric cars. Due to the quickly evolving technology, people are generally uninformed about the details when it comes to owning a hybrid. They can’t keep up! For example, it’s true that a new battery used to cost nearly $10,000; however, nowadays, new batteries can be purchased for around $2,000 and lower. That’s the beauty of technology.

Even if the new battery packs were still as costly as they used to be, it shouldn’t worry the average consumer.

Every hybrid car available in the United States comes with at least an 8 year/100,000 mile warranty. In fact, some hybrids are reported to run over 200,000 miles on a single battery pack. Cars such as the Ford Escape Hybrid and the Toyota Prius are used as taxis in cities. I’m sure you have seen them in Downtown Austin. Many of these cars are still running on the same battery pack, nearing 250,000 miles.

But that doesn’t come without its downsides. Hybrids require constant tune-ups. You’ll want to maintain every part of the car as best as possible, and you’ll have to get it maintained at the right place. The average Auto Repair Shop in Austin may not know how to perform certain tasks on hybrids. If you purchase the new BMW hybrid, you’ll need a highly trained BMW and Luxury Vehicle Specialist Mechanic in Austin.

You won’t need to look elsewhere for a BMW mechanic within the Austin Area, We’ve got you covered! 

The same dangers that apply to not changing the oil and other maintaining proper maintenance apply to hybrids as well. You’ll still have to change the oil every 3,000-6,000 miles, and you’ll still have to change the brakes every year or so. 

Active Euroworks is a great European Car Shop in Austin where we’ll take care of you, and guide you through the process of maintaining your vehicle, step by step.

Be sure to take advantage of Active Eurowork’s BMW mechanics in Austin. We have the specialists that do everything from simple oil changes to complex transmission rebuilds. 

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