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Is their “The Best or Nothing” claim true?

“Sweet car! Oh man, that ride was definitely worth the money, right?” 


Well, that depends. 

Mercedes vehicles have been sold for over 90 years with their company promise of the “the best or nothing” for each and every one of their vehicles. While most people might take a glance at a Benz and instantly think of it as a luxury item,  “best” is a very, very general term the company uses that could mean best looks, best maneuverability, or best cars. 

We are not denying that some of their higher-end, popular vehicles like the C Class, E Class, and S-Class sedans do live up to the 90+-year-old promise of quality, but the same can’t be said for all of their vehicles, especially the entry-level selection. 


Mercedes Benz reliability Infographic

CLA sedan and GLA SUV leave much to be desired

Most of the vehicles that Mercedes offers do usually live up to the hype of plush smooth rides, quality interiors, very silent cabins, and industry-leading safety systems, but line-ups like CLA sedan and GLA SUV leave much to be desired. Excluding the less-than-luxury interior, and rough handling (Compared to other Mercedes) there have been a number of people complaining about technical and mechanical issues in their Mercedes that can’t be ignored

Over 930 people have gone to online forums to express their experience with the common issues with the CLA Class, like the Collision Prevention system sending False Alarms, The Check Engine light turning on after 48 hours of purchase, Engine Coolant Overheating, Blank Screens in the Infotainment system, and issues connecting devices such as iPhone 6’s and USB sticks to the system. These issues alone have amassed over 300,000+ views, likely from people who are interested in reading about the experience of other people with the same issue. 

No car brand is perfect.

Whether that’d be Mercedes Benz or any other luxury brand, issues will arise eventually. When they do, don’t fall for the luxury repair price tags that most Austin Repair shops will try to charge just for the logo on your vehicle. 

Here at Active Euroworks, we provide state-of-the-art repair at reasonable prices, making sure we provide a dealership alternative to the people of  Round Rock, Pflugerville, and North Austin. The combination of our high-quality tools and over 30 years of combined experience make us your best choice for repair on your Mercedes in Austin!

If you have any of the issues that were listed above, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

We are Austin’s Choice for Mercedes repair!

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