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Aston Martin has finally revealed the Vanquish Zagato Shooting Brake in full following confirmation that the model will go into limited production.

The vehicle is made with joint efforts of Aston Martin and Italian design studio Zagato.

It was announced in August but the images which completely disclose the appearance of the novelty have appeared now.

We can hardly call the Vanquish Zagato Shooting Brake a station wagon. The model is something between the sporty coupe and the hatchback by its body type. Anyway the novelty looks magnificent.

Designers took the Vanquish sports car as a basis. Its upper part is completely processed and is covered with a big transparent top which goes from the windshield to the stern and terminates with an effective hood. A splitter appeared under the front bumper and some developed “skirts” on each side. Contrast inserts with diffusers darken on front wings.

Practically all body panels and the external parts are made of CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic). The rear door is equipped with electric drive, however only traveling bags can be placed into the car trunk because of a small aperture. By the way, the corporate set of such bags is stated among the options of Vanquish Zangato Shooting Brake. Its price remains in secret so far, as well as the cost of the model.

There is a petrol unit 5,9 V12 under the cowl, which is forced up to 600 horsepower. There is also a Touchtronic 8-speed automatic transmission. The model production starts next year. It’ll be a rarity on the roads, as its quantity will be limited to 99 copies.

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