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With over thirty years of Audi Maintenance Service in Pflugerville, Active Euroworks has the experience to counsel Audi A4 owners about auto maintenance with the goals of saving you money on repairs and preserving the performance and driving experience you purchased with your Audi A4. Keeping up with the needs of any luxury performance car can be a formidable task, but the Audi A4 can be even more daunting because it has been in production since 1994. Over the years, the Audi A4 has been equipped with many different engine and drive train packages, all of which present their own set of maintenance requirements. In Texas, our days are hotter and our roads are dustier than those in Europe. This means that the Audi A4, especially those models equipped with turbocharged or supercharged gasoline engines, experience much higher under hood temperatures and fluid and air filtration loading than those cars driven in Europe.

Since Active Euroworks has worked on nearly all of the Audi A4 variants, we would like to give you a list of maintenance tips we have discovered over our thirty plus years of experience.

  • Adjust your oil, oil filter and air filter service intervals down to every 5,000 miles from the 10,000 miles recommended in your owner’s manual.
  • Again due to heat and dust, be certain to have the Audi A4 fluids replaced with fluids which meet or exceed the recommended specifications.
  • At every refueling, visually inspect the engine looking for fluid leaks, particularly near the water pump.
  • Visually inspect vacuum hoses and fittings. Audi A4s are noted for vacuum leaks. if a hose appears to be worn or chafed, it will need to be replaced.
  • Brake components are also subject to accelerated deterioration under hot and dusty conditions. Look for discoloration or fluid leaks at each brake caliper assembly.

The Audi A4 sedan, in any of its variants, is a good, comfortable, reliable car, but the tough climate of Texas challenges any car. Texas Audi Maintenance Service is a top priority for keeping costs of repairs down and keeping your car running efficiently and reliably for many thousands of miles. Active Euroworks wants to help you enjoy safety, low repair costs and reliability for your Audi A4, without regard to its model year or total mileage.

For excellent Central Texas Audi Maintenance Service, call Pflugerville’s Active Euroworks at 512-368-5997 or visit online.

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