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Do you want an even more expensive Bentley Bentayga, but without the same level of practicality? Apparently, such a car is in the plans of the management of the British company and it will appear next year.

Criticized by some, but praised by others, the style of the coupe-like SUV is an integral part of the model lines of many serious automakers. The brand-new Audi Q8 is that type of vehicle, and it seems that another member of the Volkswagen Group is ready for a similar car. According to the German Auto Bild, the issue with the Bentley Bentley Bentayga has already been resolved and even the name of the new model is known – Bentayga Sport.

Sportier and more agile than the regular model, the model in question is expected to get a coupe-like sloping roofline that will surely eat into the available headroom for rear passengers and is expected to have a negative impact on cargo capacity as well. It will all be for the sake of extra style, with more and more people willing to pay the premium to get a BMW X6 instead of the regular X5, a Mercedes GLE Coupe rather than the GLE, and presumably a Q8 instead of a Q7.

Bentayga Sport is not the only new derivative of the crossover: Bentley said in the past it will focus on launching Bentayga variants to keep the luxury SUV fresh. Thus far, the luxury brand has given buyers the ultra-posh Bentayga Mulliner, and a plug-in hybrid. In the future, Bentley will also likely add a Bentayga Speed model.

The Speed variant will focus on performance and include typical Speed upgrades, including a tweaked exterior design, racier colors, more power, and a reworked cockpit. A familiar twin-turbo W-12 engine should sit under the hood, but a power bump seems likely. It’s unclear if the Speed variant will also get a Sport body style, but that would seem to fit.

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