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All automobile manufacturers have problems over time, but the BMW 3-series most common repairs issues acording to  Truedelta statistics are

1) The Engine – 42%

2) Electrical and AC Systems – 25%

When you need BMW Repair in Pflugerville, Active Euroworks is a top-quality repair shop. When your BMW is no longer covered by factory warranty, there is no sense in paying premium prices at your local dealership. Our exotic car repair shop in Austin, Roundrock, and Pflugerville, Texas, relies upon factory resources and tools to address those unique issues that affect after-warranty vehicles. While the dealerships may be experts at maintenance and dealing with computer glitches that affect late-model BMW’s that are still covered by the factory warranty, our automotive repair shop is focused on problems that often occur in cars that are much older.

Instead of being dependent upon the dealerships for every small issue, you can have your vehicle serviced at lower rates to prevent large repairs in the future. The reality is that after-warranty models often require a number of related repairs just to restore suspension, braking, or steering systems. Large dealerships do not have great rates for these related repairs. We specialize in engine problems, AC issues, and electrical problems that are the most common maintenance issues in after-warranty BMW 3-series vehicles.

Engine Problems

The statistical data demonstrates that aging BMW’s develop engine leaks and running problems right after the warranty expires. You may see failures with valve timing system (VANOS), ignition coils, stalling, injectors, thermostat, oil leaks, sensors, and vacuum leaks. These problems occur from the general wear and tear of extreme temperatures and running conditions over time. Usually, sensors start to build up internal resistance because they are made of semiconductor materials that degrade from heating up and cooling down very rapidly. Only a talented team can carry out after-warranty BMW Repair in Pflugerville.

Air Conditioning Issues

BMW air conditioning systems are known to be among some of the best in the world. However, as the rubber O-ring seals start to degrade and the high-pressure hoses start to leak, several things can occur. Most often, drivers lose refrigerant and damage the compressor or compromise the receiver/dryer. The aluminum condensers are also known to develop pinholes and to split at the seams. The expansion valve can also seize up.

Electrical Problems

Inevitably, most car owners experience electrical issues at one point or another. What commonly happens is that people install aftermarket stereo systems, or have wires that wear through the insulation over time from vibrations and simply short out. Because the computers driving the electronics are so sensitive, something as simple as a jump start can damage them. Wiring can also build up internal resistance over time and overheat when the electrical current passes through it.

If you are experiencing any of these common repair issues in Austin, Round Rock, or Pflugerville, call Active Euroworks today for your exotic car repair needs!

If you live in Pflugerville you are in luck! We are the Pflugerville Dealership alternative.

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