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Automotive maintenance is always of paramount importance. In just 2017 alone, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) recorded 34,247 U.S. accidents that involved at least one fatality. Although numerous accidents have been attributed to alcohol, falling asleep at the wheel, distractions, and weather conditions, the mechanical fitness of a vehicle always plays a critical role. When we consider how alcohol reduces your ability to brake quickly and maneuver to avoid accidents, we must also consider how faulty equipment such as brakes can fail or delay evasive maneuvers.

Why You Need Regular Inspections of Your Brake System

The fluid in brakes has to be changed every 2 or 3 years. If the fluid is not changed, the system will start to rust out. You will also find that your brakes feel spongy if you do not change the fluid often enough.

Of course, one of the worst problems you can have is an air leak in the engine. An engine that shakes a lot when it is idling is one key sign of an air leak. As strange as it may seem, even a small engine air leak can have a dramatic effect on the power of your braking system.

When you bring in your vehicle for a full brake inspection, the mechanic will do a visual examination of the brake system and also take your vehicle for a safety test-drive. If the brakes don’t feel right or they look worn, your mechanic can recommend a brake repair Pflugerville.

A Brake Repair Mechanic in Pflugerville may require new rotors, pads, or a fluid flush. There are also small rubber brake hoses and hard metal brake lines that carry the brake fluid to the wheels. Sometimes, the mechanic can tell if the brake fluid is bad by using brake fluid test strips.

A Brake Repair Mechanic in Austin is usually affordable and will last you several years before you require additional inspections or service. Some newer vehicles have brake wear indicators that will make a squealing noise when it is time to change them. There are even brake wear sensor systems in new cars that will display an indication on the dash if the brakes need to be replaced.

There are many options available when you bring your car to Active Euroworks.

They can fit your brakes with ceramic brake pads that perform better or metal brake pads that last longer. There are even rotors that will wick away water to brake and cool down faster.

The general rule is that larger brakes stop quicker. If you want to upgrade your brake system, this is always possible. Our professional brake shop can custom build a performance brake system for you with new parts.

You should never put off fixing your brakes by trying to keep longer following distances from vehicles in front of you. Although it is easy for bad brakes to slow down on the highway, it is hard for bad brakes to come to a complete stop even at very low speeds.

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