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A BMW can drive itself but it cannot take care of itself, so regular maintenance is a necessity. Caring for the oil and engine must involve getting a regular oil change. During your maintenance checkup, have a professional change the oil on your BMW and evaluate its overall condition.

The Importance of Changing the Oil

Changing the oil on your BMW is beneficial at removing the excessive dirt and debris that have accumulated in your engine. An oil change removes sludge that builds up and prevents the oil from lubricating the motor properly. Overall, clean oil results in a clean engine that runs smoothly without overheating.

The Effects of Not Changing the Oil

There are detrimental consequences of not replacing dirty oil. Your engine is not being properly lubricated, so the moving parts do not operate smoothly. The engine starts to overheat, which causes some parts to melt together and break down. This lack of cleaning is similar to a vacuum bag that is never cleared out. The junk builds up until the vacuum stops working completely. Similarly, an overheated engine shuts down and has to be replaced.

The Steps to Make an Oil Change

The oil used to run a Honda vehicle cannot be used for a BMW model. Use an authorized motor oil that is approved for use in nearly all BMW engines. Every type of oil varies and must be chosen based on the specific BMW make and model.

After putting the car in its correct position, replace the oil filter. If not, the filter becomes clogged and reduces the use of clean oil for your engine. Next, drain the unclean oil and replace it with the approved version. Check if the oil is the correct match by starting the engine. Look under the hood to see if the engine overheats and check if the car runs smoothly.

When You Need a Professional

Every step of an oil change can be handled by a local Cedar Park BMW repair service. Finding a BMW repair expert to perform this task for your vehicle is recommended. During this process, a professional performs a complete maintenance checkup. He or she may detect early signs of damages before they worsen and require expensive repairs or replacements.

Why You Need Us

If you own a BMW, you don’t have to drive into a BMW dealership that sells vehicles of this brand. You may receive a higher quality of service at a local, well-established repair service center that works on BMWs, Mercedes and other high-end luxury cars. Mario Motorsports provides a Cedar Park BMW repair service that provides just as effective or better services than an authentic dealership. Whether you need an oil change or parts replacement, contact Mario Motorsports in Cedar Park, TX, and its surrounding areas.

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