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Today, it is possible to find many articles about how to choose the right car for you, what aspects it’s necessary to pay attention to and what preventive operation should be done after the car has covered several thousand miles. Now we are going to examine an important question for modern motorists: ‘’how to take care of the car correctly and what preventive actions should be taken?’’.

6 Basic Steps for Regular Auto Care

  1. Tire condition check. Carry out a regular inspection of the technical parameters of tires! The pressure can be checked by means of manometer, and the tire wear can be checked with the characteristic mark established by the car producer or by means of special indicator. If you can’t determine the technical parameters, consult specialists at least once in 4 months.
  2. Check of the condition of hydraulic fluid level is an important procedure which needs to be carried out regularly each 10-15000 km. Oil is the blood of nodes and units of the car, which is responsible for the quality and the duration of the operation of internal components.
  3. Check of the purity of autoglass and its protection. Automobile glass is exposed to regular pollution and damages. That’s why it’s recommended to carry out preventive cleaning both weekly and when it’s necessary. For maximum efficiency it’s recommended to use a hydrophobic glass coating (a special protective film). It provides active protection from mechanical, physical and chemical damages. Pay attention! Only a highly qualified specialist, who knows the technological features of the procedure and who has good practical skills should perform glass pasting with special hydrophobic protective film.
  4. Passenger compartment cleaning from coarse and finely divided garbage should be carried out at least once in 4 months. The drivers should shake out car floor mats once a week. In case of serious fatty pollution or unpleasant smell it’s necessary to carry out dry cleaning. Such regularity will allow you to drive the car with high level of purity and comfort.
  5. Inspection of the car body for finding out mechanical damages should be performed at least once a month. If you find out damages in the form of scratches on the paint coating or on its chips in time, it will allow you to recover PC (Paint Coating) quickly and effectively without manifestation of corrosion of metal elements. Pay special attention to the bumper heels. The found surface scratches or the scratches of average depth can be removed with the help of professional polishing of the body. The way of polishing, as well as the polish itself are chosen by the specialist, proceeding from the PC condition of the car. When the procedure is completed, it’s recommended to put a highly effective protectant called CramicPRO.
  6. Car washing is a procedure which allows not only to remove mechanical pollution from the PC of the car body, but to refresh the car exterior. It is recommended to carry out the procedure as required, at least once a month in case of active operation. Car washing that is performed less than once a month leads to serious deterioration of aesthetic parameters of the car, which is too important for the car owners of average and representative segments.

If you follow all the above-stated recommendations how to maintain the current state of the vehicle, you’ll keep high technical, functional, aesthetic parameters and you’ll prolong the life of the car.

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