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This year, Mercedes will introduce its new EQ C, but it will not be the only new electric model of the Stuttgarts. Mercedes-Benz’s new electric sedan to sit alongside the S-Class has been spotted by Carscoops. Expected to be called the EQS, the electric sedan can already be seen to feature a low-slung, sleek design.

Despite the fact that the new Mercedes looks like a station wagon or a Shooting Brake in the photo, in life the EQ S will most likely be a large four-door coupe.

Of course, to say something about the car in such camouflage is premature, but even now it is clear that the EQ S will have a short hood and a minimalist overhang. The car also has sweptback headlights and an extremely long windscreen. Front doors are also large, and the roof, hidden under the false panels, must correspond to the overall aerodynamic shape of the body.

While Mercedes does not give any official information about the Mercedes EQ S, but EQC chief engineer Michael Kelz has previously dropped a few hints about the car. Back in April, he described the model as an S-Class level vehicle that is “top-of-the-line” and combines luxury with an electric powertrain. He went on to say the model would be entirely separate from the S-Class.

Little else is known about the car, but reports have suggested it will ride on the MEA architecture and could be launched as early as 2020.

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