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The “semi-official” photos of the new generation BMW Z4 appeared on the internet approximately 10 days before the debut of the roadster, showing that it will be almost the same as the concept car demonstrated by the Bavarians a year ago.

These photos, published by the Supra93 user on the Bimmer Post, show us the front, the side and the back of the new BMW. From the front side of the similarity with the concept of Z4 are obvious: the car has the same thin and wide grille and corner lights. The shape of the air intakes is slightly changed, but they still look great and are complemented by aggressive lines and bumper folds.

The lean body, wide kidney grilles, upswept headlights, giant air vent, rising character lines and pert rear are all dead ringers for the show car. Where it differs is mainly in details. The lower grilles in the front fascia are much busier with lots of angled panels and accents, at least in this M40i iteration. The hood lacks the sculpted vents of the concept. And of course, there are production necessities such as door handles, a fuel filler and badging. Otherwise it’s quite faithful. The car also looks much more athletic and balanced than its predecessors, which had a lot of unnecessary curves and long noses with even shorter tails.

According to rumors, the top-spec model with its 3.0-liter engine inherited from other M40i models will allegedly produce 382 horsepower in the U.S. model and only about 335 hp in the European Z4. The massive difference has to do with emissions laws on the old continent forcing BMW to install a particulate filter and make other changes in order to sell the soft-top roadster. In both cases, torque is rumored to stand at 369 pound-feet (500 Newton-meters).

BMW still does not officially name the date for the presentation of the new BMW Z4, but everything indicates that its public debut will take place at the Ebb Competition in Pebble Beach on August 23rd.

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