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Car detailing is a norm nowadays but that’s because it has become somewhat necessary. Air pollution levels have reached an all-time high in the last few years and road traffic has considerably increased. As a result, the chances of your Mercedes getting dirty or damaged have increased. It is now extremely important to get a detailing so that your car looks as fresh as it did on its first day out of the dealership. When and if it is time to sell, your vehicle will not show its age, which is a huge bonus.

How do you get an immaculate detailing job? That’s easy! You go to a professional like Mario Motorsports or do the work at home by yourself. In any case, it helps to know the proper car detailing methods.

Shine the Wheels

The wheels on your car are exposed to nature and its elements the most. Therefore, your first plan of action should be to buy a high-quality wheel cleaner. By using the product, you can bring out the shine in your Mercedes’ wheels.

Shower the car

Before the start of any detailing job, it is important to give your Mercedes a proper shower. Water has excellent cleaning properties and it can help remove any loose dirt or grime from the car’s surface. Try using a dedicated pressure washer to get the most out of the operation.

Use Car Shampoo

Once you are done with the shower, the next step is to use a shampoo or foam to fight against the last layer of dirt on your Mercedes. The routine use of shampoo brings out the true color of the vehicle. It also removes all unwanted dust and dirt from your car. Remember to keep the product on the vehicle for as long as you can, so that it shows its effects.

Water Again

You need to use the pressure washer again to remove all the shampoo from your Mercedes. Yes, you have done this before, but you need to use water again so that other detailing products can be used.

Dry the surface

The car’s surface should be dried properly using a towel or microfiber cloth. This is done to allow the wax/polish to stay on the surface for longer. Therefore, make sure you are performing this action diligently. For better results, park your car where sunlight is aplenty. This way if you miss a spot, the sunrays will take care of it for you.

Apply Polish/Wax

Car polish is necessary to bring out the true colors of the paint job. You can apply the wax with your hands and allow it to stay for a while. Once a few minutes have passed, you can use a dry cloth to rub-off the polish. You can also use a machine to save time and energy.

Clean Glasses

After all, that is done, clean all the windows and the windshield with a glass cleaner. Such a product is designed to maximize visibility by not allowing water or dust to stay on the glass’s surface. You can use a regular glass cleaner or one specially made for cars.


Normally people do not perform detailing jobs at home and they trust professionals. There is no reason why you shouldn’t do the same. Therefore, visit the Cedar Park Mercedes Benz Repair Service at Mario Motorsports and say goodbye to all your Mercedes-related problems.

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