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According to the rating compiled by Brand Finance, Mercedes-Benz is currently the most valuable automobile brand in the world. The German automaker outpaced its main competitors BMW and Toyota.

Brand Finance estimated the merits of Mercedes-Benz is 43.930 billion dollars, which is 24% more than in the previous year. The main reason for this jump is the growth in sales of cars of the German company by 9.9%, to 2.3 million sold cars.

The second place goes to Toyota, who dropped 6% compared to the previous year, to S$43.7 billion, while the third spot is occupied by BMW, whose brand value is estimated at $41.8 billion. Volkswagen, which in 2016 suffered a severe drop in brand value following the Dieselgate scandal, is on the rebound, occupying an honorable fourth place ($25,014 billion). Honda (22.132 billion Dollars, +4%), Nissan (19.376 billion Dollars, -22%), Porsche (19.055 billion dollars, + 54%), Ford (17.294 billion US dollars, -23%), Audi (14.951 billion US dollars, + 19%) and Chevrolet (12.82 billion dollars USA, 11%).

As for the greatest progress in the rating of the brand in the period of 2017 to 2018, the absolute leader here is Aston Martin: the British automaker has 268%, and the price is 3,6 billion dollars (this is the 24th place in the ranking, which is higher, for example, than Volvo, Mazda or Peugeot). Also, excellent growth was demonstrated by BYD (+ 211%, 28th place), Haval (124%, 16th place), Tesla (106%, 19th place), Jaguar (+ 105%, 31st) and Smart (+103%, 46th place).

The first place among the owners of the most valuable portfolios of brands is occupied by VW (the total value of companies belonging to the VW Group is estimated at 75.751 billion dollars, + 4% compared to the previous year). Then comes Daimler (54.659 billion US dollars, + 4%), Toyota (52.800 billion US dollars, -11%), BMW Group (46.206 billion US dollars, +3%) and SAIC Motor (24.553 billion US dollars), in 2017 without evaluation).

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