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Soon, electrification will take roots so deeply in the Mercedes model lines that even the entry of an electrical analogue Mercedes S-Class into the market will become possible. The technology is already allowed, but it’s going to carry a different moniker- EQ S, recently registered as a trademark by the Stuttgart.

In an interview with Autocar, Michael Kielz the EQ project manager said that the new model will be “a luxury, electric car, the top model of the range.” But this electric car will even outwardly differ from the S-Class: thanks to electric power plants Stuttgart will be able to make the front and rear overhang of the sedan shorter.

A concept for the EQ S has already been developed and Kelz estimates it will make the transition towards a production model as early as 2020 or no later than 2022.

Potential rivals of the EQ S in the market will be electric versions of the Audi A8 and Jaguar XJ, but unlike these cars, which will be built on conventional modifications of the models, the new Mercedes sedan will use its own platform – MEA. Modular architecture was originally conceived as a base for electric cars of the EQ family, so the company will be able to use it for various vehicles.

Besides these two electric sedans, also on the agenda for the new family of electric vehicles are a small EQ A hatchback and an EQ C crossover. Both of them have already been previewed by concepts and the first one to see the light of day will be the CUV slated to hit the streets in 2019.

In related news, Kelz also mentioned the third-generation CLS has been engineered to accommodate a plug-in hybrid powertrain since it rides on the MRA platform. That being said, there are no plans at the moment to give the stylish sedan a charging port, but things could change should there be enough demand for a plug-in version to make Mercedes change its mind.

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