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The new compact Mercedes GLB has already been seen a few times now, but this time the new Mercedes crossover was captured on the video in motion. The video was posted on YouTube by walkoART.

The production version of the crossover will be located a step above the current GLA and below the larger GLC. Mercedes is positioning the GLB-Class as a family car. The new vehicle will ride on the MFA2 platform, which is used in the A-Class and B-Class, but unlike its relatives, the crossover will be longer. It is likely that the GLB even has enough space for the third row of seats, something not typically seen in smaller SUVs.

The squared-off nose and flat hood is almost certainly part of the crossover’s camouflage – if not, then this prototype has serious panel gap issues and most likely, it will look more elegant and modern in the production form. But, it is likely that some of its elements GLB-Class will still borrow from the new all the same square G-Class.

The interior of the GLB will be “packaged” according to all new Stuttgart models, including dual displays on the front panel, and possibly some systems for autonomous driving.

We do not know what engines will the GLB have at the moment, but the range of four-cylinder engines from the current A-Class and B-Class looks the most plausible solution. It’s unknown if a hybrid variant will be offered, but with such electrification becoming commonplace, a plug-in model wouldn’t be a surprise further down the road.

According to rumors, Mercedes will introduce GLB-Class this year, and its sales will begin at the end of the year or at the beginning of the next year. It is assumed that the price tag for the new SUV will be around 30,000 euros.

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