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The production version of the all-new 2019 BMW Z4 will be shown at Pebble Beach in August before making its public debut at the Paris Auto Show in October. BMW has already begun to gradually introduce us to the new generation of Z4, however, they still hide the camouflage from us. Dutch website Autoweek has discovered a series of design patent images that finally show us what the final production Z4 will look like.

As you can see from the images, the serial Z4 has kept many elements from the original concept: a wide and narrow grille, sharp headlights. The giant air intakes in the front bumper corners have been toned down, but the canted side strakes remain recognizable. Detailing is calmer in the rear end, too; it’s likely that these images show a base version with no visual M-Sport or M-Performance enhancements. That would explain why the rear bumper corners’ slats are little more than hints. Unlike the last BMW Z4 with a metal folding roof, the car in the drawings has a lighter fabric top.

According to Magna Steyr, its factory in Graz, Austria, would begin building the Z4 in late 2018. The plant allegedly has capacity to build 60,000 units a year of the BMW and the Toyota Supra.

BMW continues to test and hone the roadster at the automaker’s Miramas test center in the south of France. The new Z4 is slated to go on sale in March of next year, and it will be shown in Pebble Beach in August. That will be followed by a display at the Paris Motor Show in September, where its official power figures will be revealed.

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