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Ever since Porsche introduced its new 911 Speedster Concept, the only question remained is when this vehicle will go into production. According to the British edition Autocar, this project has already received a “green light” and soon we will see a car ready for production.

Zuffenhausen produced Speedster versions of the previous 930, 964, and 997 generations of its iconic rear-engined sports car. More streamlined than the four-seat cabriolets, the 911 Speedsters have always featured two-seat cabins with chopped-down windscreens and a rear deck where the extra seats would be.

The latest concept, created for the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the brand, follows the same principles, strongly echoing the 911 GT3, including its 500-strong horsepower 4.0-liter engine and a six-speed manual gearbox. True, it still remains a question whether is whether it’d stick with the stick-shift from the concept or go with the seven-speed DCT that’d deliver quicker shift times. Purists will undoubtedly hope for the former and given the focus on light weight (and the PDK’s relative heft), we’d say it stands a decent chance of going old-school.

As the British journalists note, the production run of the serial 911 Speedster can be even less than 2000 of the 997. Given the celebratory nature of the car, the smart money would be on 1,948 examples – symbolic of the year in which Porsche was founded seven decades ago. Its launch should be made either at the L.A. or Paris Auto show, and production will probably kick off sometime next year.

The presentation of the already-ready-for-production Porsche 911 Speedster is expected either at the Los Angeles Auto Show, which starts in late November, or even earlier – in October at the Paris Motor Show. The production of the new model is likely to begin as early as next year.

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