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Join us while we examine the economics and risks of fueling your Mercedes-Benz with Regular Unleaded Gasoline versus Premium Fuel. With Premium Gasoline selling for an average of $3.07* per gallon and Regular Unleaded at $2.47*, a difference of 24%, it is certainly tempting to save money when you refuel. Is it really worth the extra money for the Premium? Let’s find out. Active Euroworks is a Texas European Auto Maintenance Service, serving Texans for over 18 years. That’s what qualifies us to lead this discussion.

* Fuel Prices from the AAA Gas Prices Website as of February 26, 2020.


  • 2020 Model Year Mercedes-Benz ‘E 350 RWD’ Sedan
  • Intercooled Turbo I-4 High Compression Engine with Gasoline Direct Injection
  • Premium Unleaded I-4
  • Range, city driving – 400.20 miles / highway driving – 556.80 miles
  • EPA Rated Fuel Economy – city driving – 23 mpg / highway driving – 32 mpg
  • Fuel Prices as shown in the paragraph above (our added assumption)
  • Driving 12,000 miles per year (our added assumption)

Above specs quoted from Car and Driver’s website, except for the two we added.

Annual Fuel Cost Difference:

Regular Premium Net Difference
City Driving $1,289.74 $1,601.74 $312.00
Highway Driving $927.00 $1,151.25 $224.25


And so you can see that driving your 2020 E 350 RWD Sedan for a year, you would save somewhere between $224.00 and $312.00. If that were the end of the discussion, you wouldn’t want to pay the extra for Premium gasoline. But we also want to explore the risks you would be taking if you don’t use Premium.

Warranty Discussion:

Quoting from the Mercedes-Benz Owners Manual: “Unleaded regular gasoline can cause the engine to wear more quickly and impair longevity and performance.”

According to the Service and Warranty Information 2020, any damages done to your Mercedes-Benz engine through either the use of lower octane fuels or unauthorized fuel additives, are not covered under your warranty.

As experienced Texas European Auto Maintenance Service people, Active Euroworks can tell you with authority that fixing any damage you cause to your Mercedes-Benz engine by using improper fuel will cost a great deal more than $312.00. We want you to enjoy your vehicle until the day you decide to get a different one. Take care of this one and allow us to help.

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