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5 tips to improve car’s engine life

The most important component of your car is the engine without which the vehicle is useless. Similarly, if the vehicle’s engine is faulty or does not function properly, then also your car is bound to deliver a sloppy drive. In this article, we will discuss 5 important tips which can help in preserving your car’s engine life and ensure a smooth performance.

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Regular Oil Change

The most basic and essential preventative tip to improve an engine’s life is to regularly change the oil. Lubrication keeps your engine in a good condition and prevents it from overheating. Oil change could be performed at home or if you own an exotic European vehicle then head over to the Mario motorsports – European Auto Repair & Service in Cedar Park region to receive the best service for your car.


Cleaning the Engine

Keeping the car engine clean is important as it ensures that your vehicle stays free from dust, debris and does not get rusty over time. Regularly cleaning the engine also prevents it from getting greasy which can cause it to overheat.


Spark Plug Service

Cleaning the spark plug is also necessary to keep dust and dirt out of the combustion chamber. You can do this yourself by removing the spark plug and cleaning it with a specialized brush and removing any particle buildup.


Providing Enough Lubrication

The car’s engine consist of several moving parts and all these parts require adequate lubrication to perform properly. Consistently lubricating different engine components will keep the powertrain in a good condition.


Replacing the Fuel Filter

The fuel filter does an incredible job of filtering any particles that may enter through the fuel. These particles if not filtered properly can cause damage to the engine. It is a good idea to regularly replace the fuel filter to preserve the life of the engine.



Following the tips mentioned above can greatly help you preserve the life of your engine and ensure that your car delivers a smooth performance. If you need to have a professional checkup of your vehicle engine, contact Mario Motorsports European Auto Repair & Service in the Cedar Park area to get more tips on how to preserve your engine’s life.

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