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Considering the growing demand for Rolls-Royce collection series, the company will release 55 unique Wraith in personalized design that will occupy an important place in private collections of connoisseurs of luxury from around the world.

The body of the car is painted in an exclusively developed paint Sunburst Gray, capturing the shade of the dawn. Dark gray color with a warm copper overflow due to metal particles simulates the sky in the pre-dawn or predawn hour. The decorative line along the body and the contrasting rim on the central part of the discs of the red shade of Saddlery Tan echo the color scheme in the salon. There is a picture depicting the rays of the hiding sun on the front wings of the car.

 Interior elements and the inside of the doors are decorated with a noble oak from the forests of the Czech Republic, which is distinguished by a rich tint and a rich granular structure. At the press of a button, the dashboard panels and starlight headliner illuminate in a shooting-star display that, we can only imagine, must be a dazzling sight to behold.

The “Starry Sky” ceiling with the effect of a soft starlight, which creates 1340 glowing fiber optic elements, appears in a new form. In the constellation appeared the glittering falling stars, bewitching with the amazing play of light, causing awe and delight among the passengers. Taking nearly 20 hours to configure, eight shooting stars fire at random, predominantly over the front seats, in recognition of Wraith’s owner-driver appeal.

The driver and front passenger seats are trimmed in Saddlery Tan leather, while backseat passengers sit on a contrasting Anthracite leather. The contrasting stitching and fringing of the seats harmoniously combine the colors of the front and rear of the car. If desired, the rear seats can be fitted with Seashell light leather, which also appears in the two-color upholstery of the steering wheel.

The final touch is the car’s exclusive status certified by the tread plates that feature the following letters engraved in hand-polished stainless steel: “Wraith Luminary Collection – One Of Fifty-Five.”

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