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At our Pflugerville-based Mercedes Benz Auto Repair Center, we know that winter can hurt your car. While Texas isn’t known for extreme weather, freezing temperatures do happen. That’s when, rain, drizzle, and mist can quickly change into snow, sleet, and ice. Driving under these conditions can be hazardous at times—even with a Mercedes Benz or BMW. At Active Euroworks, our Pflugerville Mercedes Benz Maintenance Center, we know that the best way to avoid winter driving issues is to drive safely and to keep your luxury vehicle in optimal condition.

Let’s take a quick look at how winter weather can adversely affect your luxury automobile.

1. Tires are a concern in any kind of weather, but they become even more so during the winter. Properly inflated tires are critical. Did you know that a temperature drop of 10 degrees Fahrenheit can cause a tire to lose 1-2 pounds per square inch of pressure? An improperly inflated tire wears out faster, and worn-out tires and icy roads are some of the leading causes of winter driving accidents.

2. Loss of visibility while driving is another potential hazard during the winter. Windshield wiper blades eventually wear out and will need replacing. Wiper fluid needs to be at proper levels to keep windshields clear. A defroster that malfunctions can easily lead to fogged-up windows inside your vehicle, creating yet another visibility inhibitor.

3. The health of your car battery becomes even more important during the winter. Even with the best possible care, the average life of a car battery is about 3 years. At our Pflugerville Mercedes Benz Maintenance Center we can check the status of your battery and install a new one if needed.

4. Colder temperatures can be hard on the belts and hoses inside your vehicle. Engine performance drops when timing belts stretch, and a broken belt will leave you stranded out in the cold. Large variations in temperature also cause hoses to expand and contract more often in winter than at other times of the year which can weaken them.

5. Winter weather can be hard on a car’s engine in many ways. Changing the oil to a lower viscosity creates better flow in cold temperatures. Many service technicians recommend synthetic oil because it resists cold-induced thickening better than traditional lubricants. At our Pflugerville Mercedes Benz Maintenance Center, we can check all the fluids in your luxury vehicle to insure they are at the proper levels.

There are many benefits to driving an imported automobile. Style, speed and luxury come immediately to mind. Let’s face it: a Mercedes Benz is the ultimate ride. But winter takes a toll on even the best of vehicles. Practically every high-tech system in your car is adversely affected by the cold. At Active Euroworks, our expert Mercedes Benz Technician, we have a strong commitment to high quality service, which makes us the best alternative to a dealership service department. Come to Active Euroworks for the very best in winter care.

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