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It can be satisfying to work on your own car. Many people do it, whether for the cost savings, the feeling of accomplishment, or just to get grease on their hands. However, because your luxury car is a complex machine, it can be best to leave more jobs to experts. As Michael Calkins, head of AAA’s Approved Auto Repair program told the Washington Post in 2012, “In my opinion, owners should not attempt to do the majority of repairs on a modern automobile. There are just too many things you can damage in today’s cars, and it’s not worth the risk.”

Here are five jobs that would best be left to our professional Pflugerville Repair technicians like the ones at Active Euroworks:

1. Suspension
Your luxury car’s suspension was designed by engineers with the job of balancing a comfortable, smooth ride with confident handling. The suspension pieces – struts, springs, and all the rest – are the result of thousands of hours of design, testing, and retesting. It can be tempting to save some money by ordering new struts online or buying them at the local parts house. However, any time the suspension is taken apart, it is necessary to perform a wheel alignment. A proper alignment by our Pflugerville-based repair facility can ensure your car has the supple ride and enthusiastic handling it was designed to have.

2. Air Conditioning
Nearly every parts store sells Air Conditioning recharge kits. It’s natural that over time, the air conditioning loses some of its effectiveness. And it can be frustrating to wait for a repair, especially in the Texas heat. Many car owners may decide to stop by their local parts store to buy the recharge kit when the cold air starts to get warm. However, low refrigerant is only one of several things that could cause the air conditioning to fail. Purchasing the recharge kit can be a waste of both time and money, because a Pflugerville Repair facility like Active Euroworks can pinpoint the exact cause of the problem and determine a solution.

3. Turbochargers
Many luxury car makers use turbochargers on their cars. They allow drivers to achieve the fuel economy of a small engine while making the horsepower of a larger one. Repairing or upgrading your turbo may seem like something that an amateur can do over a weekend. This isn’t the case, though. The complexity and tight tolerances of turbo components require the expertise of a professional to ensure the job is done right.

4. Cooling System Repairs
The cooling system needs to function properly for your luxury car to perform as it should. Home mechanics might be confident changing some components or flushing the system, but the cooling system is more than just a water pump, radiator, and some hoses. A professional repair facility can determine the exact cause of a cooling system problem, and solve it.

5. Transmission Repairs
The transmission is easily the most complicated part of your luxury car. A typical automatic transmission can have anywhere from 500-1000 individual parts that all have to be working properly to make sure your car performs at its best. According to Pat Frawley of Jalopnik, ”Even the most intelligent and well-equipped home-auto-repair mavens blanch when they think about these precision monsters.” It’s essential that transmission repairs are done in a clean and professional environment. Due to the intricacy and precision of these components, Calkins says, “One grain of sand could wipe out your transmission.” With that kind of risk, it’s better to leave transmission repairs to experts.

Your luxury car was designed and engineered by experts. To keep it performing as it should, trust experts to take care of it.

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